Keeping your business, staff and customers safe

SMS ‘MyRound’ keeps your business, your staff, and customers safe.

When used as a registration tool, real and undisguisable data is captured, (mobile number,) and is stored with date/time stamp for any future Track & Trace request. When used for ordering, customers can enjoy the ease of ordering anything from a round of drinks to a meal via our reliable and secure SMS messaging service. MyRound eradicates queues at the bar as well as the risk of breaching social distancing. 

Anyone who owns a mobile of any sort can use MyRound. Unlike an app-based ordering system, MyRound isn’t dependent on smartphone ownership. There’s no need to factor in good network coverage and there’s no time wasted on downloading a myriad of different Apps. With MyRound, customers can simply enjoy the immediacy and reliability of an SMS number that’s unique to your venue.

MyRound doesn’t discriminate between those who own a smartphone and those who don’t. Instead, it casts its net wide enough to capture your entire customer demographic. 

Linked to a highly secure back-end database, MyRound is a GDPR fully compliant system, satisfying the latest government requirement that you create and maintain a “temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days.” In short, your registration database will always hold a completely identifiable piece of information, a mobile number, linking directly back to your customer. Of course, further details may be required, which can be readily entered by customers in response to an SMS. Captured data will automatically be deleted, if required, after the 21 day period to ensure full compliance. 

MyRound also provides a valuable insight into your customers’ ordering habits. Numbers can be stored for future SMS Marketing and Broadcast campaigns, which customers can, of course, opt-out of.

MyRound is Covid-secure and fully compliant with all current and ongoing government regulations to ensure not only your customers’ safety, but also the complete security of all your customer data. 

How 'MyRound' works ( Customer Registration )


Step 1

Your pub will

be allocated its

own unique text

registration number


Step 2

Customers text

“Arrive” on entry


Step 3

Customers text

“Depart” when



Step 4

Data is kept

securely in

our databases

for 21 days.

If at any time you are informed about a positive Covid-19 customer and need to contact all others visitors, records immediately visible

in your client portal and/or just send a request to us and we will text all customers that were on the premises at the same time.

How 'MyRound' works ( Text Ordering )


Step 1

Your pub will be

allocated its

own unique text

ordering number

Step 2

Your customer can

register by texting

name and/or their

order to this number.


Step 3

Your customer contact details are obtained & stored in your secure online portal to address the Government

Track & Trace initiative.


Step 4

Your staff receive this

order via an internet

enabled device,

via our easy to

use web portal


Step 5

Your staff select

orders & interact

with customers via our

easy to use web portal.


Step 6

Order is fulfilled and



"MyRound is Simple,

Inexpensive and Safe"

BCH Digital


Q) Why should I use this?

A) The new government guidelines for re-opening are strongly encouraging customers to order online, on apps or over the phone to reduce queues and stagger order fulfilment. The opening up of the economy following the COVID-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. You should assist this service by keeping a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days, in a way that is manageable for your business, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data. This will address both at minimal cost.

Q) What’s the difference between this and using an app?

 A) This is a pure text service and therefore accessible to all users of all ages who do not feel comfortable

or are unable to grasp app technology. It can be deployed without any set-up charges and

without any commitment to a contract and with minimal cost.

Q) How quickly can it be set-up?

 A) Simple. Set-up your free 14 day trial and if it works for you, just continue….

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MyRound Pricing

Service Build / Number Allocation – Free
Cost to receive Text Orders – Free
Cost to Customer to Text-In – Standard Network Charge and included in bundles
Monthly Rental/Hosting - £30.00 ( inclusive of 200 response text credits )
Contract Term –
30 day rolling contract; exit anytime

Additional Response Text Top-Ups























( Figures exclude chargeable VAT )

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